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RPA improving EHR & patient data handling

Industry : Health Care

Our RPA solution is helping one of our clients in providing the accuracy in sorting the records related to their health centre. Leveraging it to the fullest, they are maintaining a database for daily appointments, duty schedule, and workforce & patients documentation.

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Robotic Process Automation for millions of insurance papers sorting and job closure before deadlines

Industry : Banking

The small scale insurance company reached out to us with their requirement for a solution that can improve their process of data segregation. In addition to this, convenience of sorting clients to approve their home, automobile or other commercial insurance amount considering their credibility history.

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Speeding Up the Invoice and Order Process using RPA

Industry : Finance

The reputed finance company needed the solution for taking care of their accounting, taxes and invoicing and extraction of data. We offered an automated approach using a UI path that proved to be the solution. From creating the pdf format to importing on the correct devices everything is being handled without any human interference.

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Speeding Up Federal Home Loan Bank ETL using Our RPA Solution

Industry : Banking

For surviving the market, the banking sector is turning up to technology for offering their solution in the least turnaround time. Till now the routine task is automated but to improve their services and to save hours for the ETL, they are integrating the RPA into the existing system. The adoption of the RPA allows the system to follow the rules that usually are routinely followed but manually. It is not allowing automatic access but also step by step process of preparing documents, generating or sending mails

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Integrating RPA into an Advanced Technology increasing 300% Customers

Industry : Banking

Grey MatterZ RPA solution implementation in the NFT aggregator platform has minimized hours and maximized ROI RPA bot increases the speed of NFT aggregation on a dashboard developed to put every created and collected NFT up in front of the interested user to make wise choices regarding investment decisions.

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RPA Ui Path tool implementation into the Project Management Software for automating the repetitive tasks

Industry : IT

Grey MatterZ RPA Bot Jira integration is cutting down the processing time for improving the work efficiency

Scaling up the operation and performing the structured transaction process without an error

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