Migrating RPA to Google Chrome from Microsoft IE

Problem: -

An E-Commerce Company designed and build many robotic process automations for their business processes over the years to use Internet Explorer as the browser. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is at end-of-life. The Company wanted to migration to Google chrome from Microsoft IE for better performance, Compatibility, security and better user experience.

Solution: -

To address this challenge, our RPA team implemented a migration plan in Uipath tool that involved testing and updating its RPA scripts to work with Chrome. The migration plan also involved training the RPA team on the new browser and its features. During the testing phase, the RPA team encountered some challenges due to the differences between the two browsers. For example, some of the RPA scripts that were designed to work with IE did not work properly with Chrome, as the two browsers have different methods for accessing web page elements.

To address these issues, the RPA team worked closely with the vendor of their RPA platform to update their scripts to work with Chrome. This involved making adjustments to the scripts to ensure they were compatible with Chrome's web page structure and APIs. The RPA team also had to retrain themselves on how to interact with the new browser, as Chrome has a different user interface and set of features compared to IE. This involved learning new keyboard shortcuts, menu options, and settings.

Conclusion: -

Overall, the migration from IE to Chrome has proved to be a success for the company. Our RPA team was able to update their scripts and retrain themselves on the new browser without any major disruptions to their operations. The company is now benefiting from the improved performance, security, and compatibility that Chrome offers, which has helped to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their RPA processes.

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