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Speeding Up Federal Home Loan Bank ETL using Our RPA Solution

Industry : Banking

For surviving the market, the banking sector is turning up to technology for offering their solution in the least turnaround time. Till now the routine task is automated but to improve their services and to save hours for the ETL, they are integrating the RPA into the existing system. The adoption of the RPA allows the system to follow the rules that usually are routinely followed but manually. It is not allowing automatic access but also step by step process of preparing documents, generating or sending mails

Introduction :

FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK RPA solution is developed for fulfilling the operational requirement of a financial institution and making users' experience satisfactory and exceptional.

Challenges :

The requirement of the ETL solution, which not only extracts the easy-to-understand data but works on the complexity such as embedded over sources irrespective of sizes and formats.

Another typical condition was to make sure that the extraction and processing of data from various sources and DBMS, gets loaded into the specified warehouse followed by the forecasting process.

Lastly, every complex and large set of data that too is in different types of formats needed to be loaded on time automatically.


The first thing our team did was analyzing of the data before subjecting it all to RPA. From sources, all unstructured data was sorted to further strategize and structure the automation system.

The team worked on identifying and defining the external changing conditions for mapping reports and the warehouses for the technical design.

Using the Informatica tool, the development teams document ETL requirements and turn them into ETL jobs.

It helped the client in :

  • Data extraction from source
  • Transform and clear data
  • Index, Summarize and Lock into the datamart
  • Track changes
  • Restructuring
  • Maintain metadata
  • Refreshes for updation of data

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