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Speeding Up the Invoice and Order Process using RPA

Industry : Finance

The reputed finance company needed the solution for taking care of their accounting, taxes and invoicing and extraction of data. We offered an automated approach using a UI path that proved to be the solution. From creating the pdf format to importing on the correct devices everything is being handled without any human interference.

Description :

The client is a financial service provider. They offer services that include accounting, and tax to financial consulting. They were associated with clients inclusive of private companies, the investment industry, real estate or and equity.

Challenges :

The client comes to us with the vision of automating their routine processes which are the following:

Creation and uploading of invoice
Extraction of data and their upload
Data creation of purchase order and upload

These are the primary jobs that require manual work often causing burnout and time consumption.

Our Solution :

We put forth the idea of automation that definitely solved major challenges. Using the UiPath, which is the industry standard solution, we provided them with a resolution that is faster, reliable, and comprehensive.

We delivered two bots that were responsibly executing :

  • Creating a pdf of the invoice that was based on the rules of a business
  • Importing of the invoices that are created while simultaneously following the parameters of the system.
  • Inserting the extracted data from the mailbox to the specific systems.

Outcome :

  • The integration of the bot has resulted in the saving of approx 300 hours for the client. In technical terms, it was equivalent to the time consumption of two full-time employees.
  • The manual process is completely shifted to the automated one. Clearly, the processing of invoice and report analysis becomes easy allowing resources to concentrate on strategic tasks and improving business value.

Time Duration :

  • 3 Weeks of development, testing, and deployment

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