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RPA Ui Path tool implementation into the Project Management Software for automating the repetitive tasks

Industry : IT

Grey MatterZ RPA Bot Jira integration is cutting down the processing time for improving the work efficiency

Scaling up the operation and performing the structured transaction process without an error

Uninterruptedly interacting and updating the multiple applications in an organized manner to sync everything.

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Challenge :

The absence of RPA bot increases the manual labor which is the consumption of team members and managers’ productive hours for inputting and tracking the task updates and time consumption.

Unautomated JIRA software restricts multi-team handling simultaneously. It was increasing the complexity of time tracking, & refining as it was getting difficult to track the time

Solution :

The team worked on building the dashboard that was structured to process the report generation.

Integration of the RPA bot created a significant impact on JIRA workflow which includes

  • The RPA tool has increased the productivity upto 150%
  • New project setup by taking data from the designated document or software.
  • Daily, weekly & monthly Report generation after the task completion.

The bot aggregates all team members' time logs and generates very clean analytics of the time tracking system and provides accurate estimation of the time taken to deliver the task.


The RPA bot integration with the JIRA has saved more than 200% of hours that otherwise get consumed doing repetitive tasks.

The RPA integration in JIRA has benefited our clients increasing their combined returns more than 3 millions.

Grey MatterZ team enjoyed developing and deploying a robustly built bot for the JIRA platform that had challenges. The focus was on making the managerial task such as reviewing and reporting easy. Developers are proudly taking credit for presenting a bot integrated platform fulfilling these expectations.

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