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Robotic Process Automation for millions of insurance papers sorting and job closure before deadlines

Industry : Banking

The small scale insurance company reached out to us with their requirement for a solution that can improve their process of data segregation. In addition to this, convenience of sorting clients to approve their home, automobile or other commercial insurance amount considering their credibility history.

Description :

A reputed American pain center has more than 10 clinics and is providing its patients with comprehensive treatment.

Their modern technology, professionals, and centers are advanced and offer the right treatment for a full recovery.

Challenges :

The center has the vision to treat as many patients as it can. To achieve their mission they were looking for a solution that can handle processes such as insurance claims. Shortly, they wanted seamless streamlining for the submission of insurance claims.

In addition to this, they require the necessary information which includes ICD codes, location, and units of business that are provided by the insurance providers to their health care center.

As the process initially was being executed by the team. It is related to workforce exertion and also human error. Furthermore, the process becomes costly and time-consuming.

Our Solution :

  • Our experts understanding the pain point of our reputed client in America offer an automation solution.
  • We built the automation system that utilized the UiPath making the developed platform scalable and compatible with multiple bots.
  • The solution consists of two bots :

    Dispatcher :
    With the help of it, the clinic can easily extract unprocessed claims. These data are stored in the EHR software which the health center uses for streamlining the flow of work.

    Performer :
    The bot will take control of the process including the completion of the claim procedure by human workers. Details inclusive of filling up patients’ data, assigning codes & sending claims to the insurer all are handled by the automated solution.

Outcome :

  • The claim processing time is reduced to seconds, approximately 50 seconds as compared to earlier which was long hours.
  • Bot deployment has reduced human intervention that also scaled down the error.
  • Now there is a high return as the development has cost the American care center almost negligible investment.
  • The execution of the claim process and other important documentation has been reduced to 50%.

Time Duration :

  • 3 Weeks of development, testing, and deployment

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