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Integrating RPA into an Advanced Technology increasing 300% Customers

Industry : Banking

Grey MatterZ RPA solution implementation in the NFT aggregator platform has minimized hours and maximized ROI

RPA bot increases the speed of NFT aggregation on a dashboard developed to put every created and collected NFT up in front of the interested user to make wise choices regarding investment decisions.

A periodic turnaround defined representation of data including sales, frequency graphs & NFT pricing

Challenge :

While developing the platform the major issue was refining a large database from across the web and different platform data into one platform related to the NFTs.

For the success of this project, it was necessary to put up a structured dashboard in front of the users which would help them in making decisions regarding trading.

The issue involved the consolidated display of NFT Marketplace to get the live sales data, graphical data, minted data, individual nft price action, and total collection information.

Solution :

The development includes the Ui Path tool

For interlinking the distinct platforms, multiple robotic process automation BOTs are created and put together. They act as an adapter maneuvering through APIs and scraps through different platforms for aggregating the data at a single platform dashboard. The integration of Ui Path software aids the access of the pre-built automation components.

Utilizing the RPA bot solution, we achieved the key objective which is a retrieval of real-time data & publishcation.

This BOT looks for price changes for the NFTs and triggers an action to automate the data accuracy.

Post data extraction, the data transformation flows through different systems & consumed by different applications eventually creating an all-in-one dashboard for the NFT aggregator.


Cost Effective By implementing this solution we have a price analysis of the NFT marketplace & aggregate them into one platform. This helps B2C customers to analysis the NFT Market data analysis

Time Saving It reduces human interference and performs iterative tasks.

Significant Numbers :

  • The RPA tool has increased the productivity upto 150%
  • The data integration time for display at the dashboard has reduced 12%.

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