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We are Grey MatterZ, with an RPA team offering software bots to make the process seamless.

There is no doubt that doing a mundane task repeatedly lowers the productivity of employees. To save time and energy we provide the solution for automating frequently performing tasks.

Why You Need RPA for Your Enterprises

For Improved Speed

The integration of robotic processing automation streamlines the primary process of the business. It facilitates the business in managing the tedious task with a few resources available and putting rest on other imperative tasks. Implementation will increase the return on investment by more than 100%.

High Rate of Data Accuracy

Doing the same task repeatedly increases the chance of error. Automating the task by integrating bots will eliminate the wrong input and help in reaching the goals in time. This helps in preventing the costs unnecessary spent on overwriting, and removal of errors and also saves time on multiple revisions.

Increased Productivity

Leveraging the RPA solution helps enterprises optimize the skills of employees. Assigning them the critical task of operations helps them to put their focus on the same and also gives them job satisfaction. Eventually, it leads to increased productivity.

Our RPA Use Cases


Case Studies and Experiences


Is RPA for You?

The answer is yes to this query. Robotic Process Automation is for….

Healthcare & Billing

Automation is the best for this industry. To carry out the daily task which includes multiple data entry of patients, routine shuffling of assigned duty and time, along with the repetitive claims processing and bill generation RPA will be suitable for the sector.


RPA will reduce the workload of the administration department. Activities including process invoice, educational event or meetups scheduling, enrollment, attendance tracking, progress report for parents can simply be automated reducing expenses and improving productivity.


The finance and banking sector has to carry out the lending, borrowing, transaction, documentation tasks frequently. The implementation of bots for performing the respective will make the operations uninterrupted for financial institutions.

Supply Chain/Manufacturing

Uninterrupted process is the critical factor for running a successful supply chain management. Data entry, management of order, warehouse management, invoice processing, automating accounts, payable processes can be streamlined to solve the overwhelming situation.

IT Services

RPA in IT takes care of the application integration, data operations and different FTP download and uploads. Implementation of it reduces 30% of the resource consumption and also frees up the human resources for a higher level of task.

Customer Support

Integration of RPA alleviates cumbersome tasks which include repeated back office administration. The freeing of the human resources benefits client servicing team to be directly involved with customers & handle high level issues accurately & efficiently.


With RPA, filing & investigation of claims becomes easy. Recurring tasks such as input & extraction of data, tracking of claim, payment management along with advanced level operations work can be seamlessly handled. Furthermore, the coverage verification & settlement notification can be automated.


RPA offers the opportunity to shorten and optimize the back end and allows managers to micromanage without getting exhausted. Leveraging the tool will get you better turnaround time, improved efficiency and great percentage of accuracy.


Utilizing the RPA will help your enterprises in trade promotion, sales analytics, in-store planning. In addition to this, a new product line or product introduction also can be automated by doing proper planning without any delay.


Telecoms are simplifying their tasks which are inclusive of generating revenues, network management, processing of invoice, onboarding and offboarding of customers and also collection of debt. Timely collection & aggregation of the data will also benefits for keeping the track of competitors and customers.

Public Sector

To accelerate the process in the public sector that includes document processing, activity monitoring, auditing and much more RPA tools suits your business the best. Integration of the automation tool will increase the speed and accuracy for improving the turnaround time to serve people.

Languages Making Our RPA Solution Robust


The unlimited libraries make the development of an automated solution easy and allow us to put the fundamentals to usefulness.


It makes the dialect interpretive. We are using JAVA to develop the RPA solution.

C# & . Net

For using the Microsoft robotics developer studio we put up these essential languages too in our list for the RPA solution development.

How We Help You with RPA?

Hire a Dedicated Team

We have experts dedicatedly working for finding a solution to automate the process. Their hands-on experience, understanding of requirements, and proficiency in UI path, Automation Anywhere and blueprism tools make the delivery of software quick.

Automation Consulting & Auditing

If indecisive about the RPA process for your enterprises, then we have a professional team to perform the audit for your business. We provide the consultation regarding the segment that needs the implementation of the bot for improvement.

Legal Compliance

Our automation solution is developed keeping industry specific compliance such as HIPAA or FIECC in mind to utilize it without any hesitation.

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